Updates: February '18

Quite a lot has been happening here at Charles University, our first chapter! Read on for a list of our team's accomplishments: 

We have a new Student Member Page!

The Student Member Page for Charles University Chapter can be accessed HERE (or visit the page and click on Full Directory). 

Our fearless leader, Chapter Class President 2018 and Co-Founder Craig Smith has published a sample of works on his Student page, which can be accessed HERE.

We developed this Student Member page so that:
1. Students can gain recognition for their efforts and showcase the works they have developed by applying their knowledge of the sciences they have learned here at the University. 
2. Open the doors of interest to students to research as well as being clinicians.  
3. This page will also help students and professors to develop a collaborative efforts with other Protect The Pug (PTP) University Chapters to accomplish similar initiatives and missions. 

We have some new LEGALESE!

We have also established Bylaws, Terms and Agreements, and Writers Release for students which can be viewed on the site at:

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