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On this page, you'll find multiple resources from nutrition, to how to protect your brain, to keeping your fighter's purse, to picking a great coach. Check out the links below.

Our 8-Point Mission

Without a clear plan of action, there can be no change. Read more about our 8-point mission here.

Picking a Good Coach

Not all coaches are created equal. Any person can walk in a gym off the street and call himself a trainer -- you don't want that! You want quality. 

Protect the Pug offers a Pug Ed Certification for Boxing Coaches. 

Send your current coach to Pug Ed Certification or Find a new, certified coach here. 


The Brain and its Role in Sports Performance

As a fighter you know the importance of training to build your muscles, your reflexes - diet and nutrition to maximize muscle mass and minimize body fat.   But if muscular development and minimal body fat is all that it took, then a great athlete would not only be great in boxing, he would equally be great in all sports - gymnastics, tennis, football - which is not the case.

What few athletes understand is that the ability to perform well in one sport - is more dependent on the neural pathways that are developed in the brain by practicing a specific sport than the actual muscles that are developed or the body fat that is minimized.   

This means that you as fighter want to do two things:

1. Minimize trauma to the brain that enables you to be World Class.

2. Maximize neural pathway development so you can be world class.

This section of the site will address these two topics so you can maximize your potential as a fighter.  


Warning Signs of Concussion

Every fighter should be able to spot the signs of a concussion. Read more about the clues and what to do here.


Pug Psychology


Dr. Judd Biasiotto is a modern day renaissance man with accomplishments ranging from:

  • former Golden Gloves Champion
  • Sports Psychologist to Three Major League Baseball Teams [the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Kansas City Royals] 
  • Multi-world record holder in Powerlifting
  • Record for the Pound-for-Pound 4th greatest squat ever recorded in the history of the sport
  • starter for the renowned Notre Dame basketball team (at a height of 5'7")
  • Multi-National and World Bodybuilding Champion
  • University professor
  • Award winning orator
  • Author of 126 books and over 1100 articles for leading fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness. 

Dr. Judd is here to help you overcome obstacles and reach your potential with his wisdom and unparalleled experience as a world class athlete, sports psychologist and hypnotherapist, and coach in Protect The Pug's "Pug Psychology" Section.

Professional Boxing Records

All Professional Boxing records can be accessed by clicking here:

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