Will American football fall out of public favor as boxing did years ago?

Before CTE was discovered, it was known as "pugilistica dementia" among boxers. 

In the past, boxing was a popular high school and collegiate sport.

But once it became recognized for causing irreversible brain damage, boxing was banned in high school and college sports

This is historically significant.

Today, many experts are saying that America's National pastime, American Football, is more dangerous than boxing.


As a result of these alarming reports and headlines, many parents who would never let their children box are now reconsidering letting their children play football. Like boxing, American football has now come into conversation about being banned at learning institutions.  Will football fall out of public favor as boxing did years ago?  Given the financial and social impact, American Football's dilemma is leading the crusade in awareness, medical research and regulatory changes in its fight against progressive neurological disorders such as CTE - changes which will inevitably affect the standing of other contact sports.  


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