We're Protect the Pug™.

("Pug" is short for "Pugilist")

Protect The Pug™ is the brainchild of co-founder Coach Craig Smith, a former amateur boxer, boxing trainer, licensed boxing manager and current 5th year medical student with a strong interest in neurological disorders. Although the name "Protect The Pug" refers to the protection of "pugs" or pugilists (i.e. boxers, fighters) from brain injury, the reality is that head trauma and its link to the high incidence of associated progressive neurological disorders is a problematic reality for all (professional, amateur or child) contact sports warriors. 

Protect The Pug™ is an independent, nonprofit watchdog organization created to protect not only boxers and MMA fighters, but also football players and other contact sports athletes from a variety of existing factors that predispose an athlete from their respective sport to unnecessary head trauma.

This portal facilitates the multi-discipline collaboration of contact sports athletes, coaches, physicians, athletic commissions, politicians, promoters, parents and fans worldwide who can now come together to make contact sports such as boxing, MMA and football safer.

Our mission is to provide a place for your voice to protect boxers and other contact sports athletes by raising awareness, reporting on current flaws in regulations, petitioning for better policies and programs, pursue causes to help rehabilitate and reduce the incidence associated progressive neurological disorders and ultimately help find a cure through advances in medical research.

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1) Establish Physician & Student Medical Advisory Council in all Universities. See more here.
2) Establish Medical Internships promoting neurological holistic health. See more here.
3) Establish "Pug Ed™"
 - to train Contact Sports Coaches how to better protect their athletes. See more here.
4) Develop Petitions to accelerate lifesaving changes to flawed policies. See more here.
5) Form a Protect the Pug Movement monitoring the ignorance and misconduct of Coaches and Commissions through both Petition and a push for protective legislation. See more here.
6) Push for legislation where Boxers and MMA Athletes who use illegal PEDs to gain an unfair advantage in strength, and thus increase the likelihood of their opponent incurring head trauma, are criminally prosecuted. See more here.
7) Raise Funds For Medical Research in an effort to both minimize the occurrence of progressive neurodegenerative diseases and ultimately find a cure.  See more here.
8) Get a Federal Oversight Committee instituted to make Professional Boxing safer and fairer. See more here.

Our first petition is LIVE - watch now and sign!

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