Physicians and Teaching Physicians

dedicated to Reducing the incidence of progressive neurological Diseases associated with contact sports, while helping to find a cure.


Why should a physician join Protect The Pug?

Worldwide, neurologists and pathologists are playing important roles in both the research and treatment of progressive neurological injuries associated with contact sports.

However, given these diseases are currently incurable and athletes are often predisposed to a greater incidence of injury due to flawed policies that govern contact sports, all physicians can play an equally important role in helping to reduce their incidence now by raising awareness of each sport's dangers to athletes, parents of athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, media and supporting injury prevention policy changes to lawmakers. 

Although a medical cure could take years to arrive - if ever, that does not preclude us from saving lives today.

“True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Our Mission At Protect The Pug

To both raise awareness and reduce the incidence of these horrible progressive neurological disorders associated with contact sports, requires restructuring the current flawed systems that expose our athletes to unnecessary head trauma.  To accomplish this calls for a wide spectrum organized effort to carry out a variety of initiatives that are focused on changing current flawed polices and laws as well as supporting research to hopefully one day find a cure. 

Please don't delay, join and support Protect The Pug today. 


1) Establish Physician & Student Medical Advisory Council in all Universities. See more here.
2) Establish Medical Internships promoting neurological holistic health. See more here.
3) Establish "Pug Ed™"
 - to train Contact Sports Coaches how to better protect their athletes. See more here.
4) Develop Petitions to accelerate lifesaving changes to flawed policies. See more here.
5) Form a Protect the Pug Movement monitoring the ignorance and misconduct of Coaches and Commissions through both Petition and a push for protective legislation. Coming soon.
6) Push for legislation where Boxers and MMA Athletes who use illegal PEDs to gain an unfair advantage in strength, and thus increase the likelihood of their opponent incurring head trauma, are criminally prosecuted. See more here.
7) Raise Funds For Medical Research in an effort to both minimize the occurrence of progressive neurodegenerative diseases and ultimately find a cure.  Coming soon.
8) Get a Federal Oversight Committee instituted to make Professional Boxing safer and fairer. See more here.

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