Are You Just an Average Joe?


Average is something no one likes to consider themselves (unless they are below average) and yet the concept describes all of us, and then again it describes none of us. I guess being average makes us feel... well, average. Still, while being average or middle of the road is one statistic that we don't want to use to characterize ourselves, most of us are extremely interested in knowing what constitutes average. What is it that lies midway between extremes. Why are we so interested in the ordinary? The simple answer is that it tells us how we stack up against those other guys - the average ones. You know - bodybuilders and Olympic lifters. Are we smarter, stronger, bigger or faster than the average? Do we train harder, sleep longer, eat more, or work less? Actually, you may find that being average doesn't really seem so average. Here are some interesting statistics about the average Joe and Jane. You might find it fascinating to see how you "average out." .

* The average American man is 5 feet, 10.3" tall, and weighs 187 Ibs. The average American women is 5 feet, 4.1" tall, and weighs 134 Ibs.

* The average American female has 28% body fat. The average American male has 17.6% body fat.

* The average American male exercises 2.87 hours a week. The average American female exercises 1.34 hours a week.

*The average American male has 12.4 inch biceps, a 39.7 inch chest and a 34.6 inch waist.

*The average American women wears a 36 B bra. That's up significantly from the former 34 B bra size worn by the average American female in 1990. Is it due to better exercise and diet or better silicone? Only the average plastic surgeon knows.

* The average American watches television 6.16 hours a day. The average American child watches 4.7 hours of television a day on weekdays, and 8.4 hours on weekends - about 40 hours a week.

*The average American spends 21.7 hours per day indoors.

*The average American male and female belongs to a commercial gym, but use it less then once a week.

* The average American spends $596 dollars on sporting goods equipment each year.

*The average American spends $874 on vitamins and food supplements.

*The average American male runs one mile in 12 minutes and 17 seconds. The average American female runs the same distance in 14 minutes and 42 seconds. Amazingly, the greatest non-stop run is 352.9 miles in 121 hours and 54 minutes by Bertil Jariaker of Sweden on May 26-31, (That's May 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31) 1980.

*The average American male can do three dips.

*The average American female does less than one dip.

*The average American male bench presses 145 pounds and squats 165 pounds. The average American female bench presses 60 and squats 105 pounds.

*The average American male does eleven push-ups and 17 situps. The average American female does four push-ups and nine situps. Interestingly, the world record for the greatest number of consecutive push-ups is 9,105. The record was set by Tommy Gilbert on July 1, 1979.

*The average American male and female cannot touch their toes without bending their legs.

*The average American male runs 110 meters In 16.5 seconds.

*The average American female goes on a diet 5.2 times annually. Interestingly, 17 percent of these individuals actually lose weight, but only one percent of them keep it off for more then five years.

*The average American after the age of 25 gains one pound of weight per year. By the age of 65, the average American will have gained over 40 pounds of weight.

*The average American will lose a half pound of lean muscle tissue each year after the age of 25.

*The average American female will gain 11.6 pounds that she won't lose every time she has a child.

*The average American man eats 193 hamburgers and 115 hot dogs annually.

*The average American consumes approximately 32 teaspoons of sugar each day.

*The average American consumes thirty times (9500 milligrams) more sodium than the body requires.

*The average American consumes more calories (4236 calories daily) per person than any other group of people in the world.

*The average American has 30 billion fat cells. The average obese American has 80 billion fat cells.

*The average American male's fat consumption is approximately 37 percent of his total caloric intake. The average American female's fat consumption is approximately 32 percent of her caloric intake. The recommended fat intake of total calories is 25 percent or lower. Did I mention that the average American looks like a jar of bean dip?

* The average American learns 14 new words a year reads .58 books a year, and writes 7 pages a year.

*The average American income is $64,000 a year - the median income is $51,000 a year.

*The average American will live to be 77 years old.

Half of the people in America are Below average.  Not you.  Not me - serious athletes. The other half are above average.  That's you, that's me, powerlifters, not bodybuilders.  Right!

Yours in strength

Dr. Judd








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