The bar was loaded with 575 Ibs. for Judd Biasiotto's final attempt in the squat. The weight looked monumental, especially when Biasiotto positioned all of his 5'6', 132 lbs. in front of it. With no visible sign of trepidation, Biasiotto unracked the massive weight and positioned himself to squat. After getting the signal from the head judge, Biasiotto descended with the weight in a smooth, controlled manner. When he broke parallel he exploded upward. Slowly, but steadily he drove himself upward until he reached his starting position.

Amid cheers, Biasiotto descended from the platform and was immediately met by one of his thickly muscled, but less proficient opponents. His competitor wore a look of disbelief as he said, "How the hell did you do that?"

"Mirrors," replied Biasiotto.

"No seriously Judd, how can you squat like that?"

"I believe........that's how."

Belief, the "deus ex machina" or the "magic elixir" that can transform mediocre athletes into world-class competitors. If you believe, really believe, you can do tremendous things with your life. As Claude Bristol says in his book, The Magic of Believing, you are what you believe you are, and if you believe that you are going to be a success, you will be. In other words, just the belief that you are going to be victorious can go far toward bringing you the victory you believe in. Believing opens the doors for success. It sets the power flowing when you need it most. Consequently, if you believe, really believe, there is just no telling what heights you can reach. The problem with all this is how do you get to the point where you really believe in yourself?

The answer is so simple that we are afraid to tell you for fear that you'll stop reading. You see most people are looking for complex answers to simple problems. They tend to let their minds get in the way of their progress. Consequently, when you give them simple solutions to their problems they tend to dismiss the solution, because it sounds too simple for it to work.

With the hope that you'll see things differently we are going to tell you the secret of believing in yourself--Think Positive. That's right "think positive. As elementary as it may seem, this simple concept has changed the lives of thousands of people. It can do the very same for you. It can get you to believe in yourself, in your abilities, and in life. Remember, you can if you believe you can. And positive thinking is the key to making you believe.

How does positive thinking work? Well it's not magic, nor is it simply a placebo as most people think. There is a definite scientific principle at work when you use positive thinking. Let me explain. Whether you realize it or not, your brain functions like a highly complex computer, one programmed by words, thoughts and actions. Consequently, we are the sum product of the events we experience. The environment in which we function, the people with whom we interact, and the thoughts that we entertain are all data constructs by which we are programmed. If you constantly entertain positive thoughts and events, you will develop a positive mentality. There is no way around it, because computer (brain) performance is directly related to computer input. Think positive and you'll be positive, think negative and youll be negative. That's the simple premise that governs the science of cybernetics.

The great thing is that positive thinking always works if it's used properly. The problem is that many times people don't understand the nature or process of positive thinking. Positive thinkers do not deny that negative things happen or that failure exists. They simply refuse to dwell on such events. Rather, they look for the positive element in each situation and build upon it. In short positive thinking is a form of thought which habitually siphons the positive aspect of each situation. Of course when you seek out the good in a particular situation you are more likely than not, to find it. Note also that seeking the positive is a deliberate systematic process. It takes effort and concentration. It requires hard work, perseverance and discipline. It is not easy to perfect, but positive thinking will work if you are willing to work at it. I promise that, but don't take my word for it; try it.

For the next seven days make an honest effort to bombard your mind with positive affirmations. When you wake up in the morning, think that you are strong, powerful and happy whether you feel that way or not. Throughout the day, reinforce the feelings and thoughts. If at times negative concepts enter into your mind, stop yourself from dwelling on those thoughts, analyze why you are having them, and then manipulate them into positive affirmations.

At first, you may find these concepts phony or artificial, but the more you persist and force these positive thoughts into your mind, the more realistic they become. Eventually you will transform yourself from a tired dull person into a happy, enthusiastic human being full of life and energy.

Will you be able to lift World Class pounds after an extensive positive thinking program? Perhaps, perhaps not; but we promise you that if you use the technique properly and consistently, you will not only significantly improve your lifting, but your life.  I’m positive.



Dr. Judd





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