Profile of What it Takes To Be a Winner!

Profile of what it takes to be a winner!

I have been around world class athletes my entire life. I worked
with professional athletes in several major sports and I have had
the opportunity to train in just about every Olympic center in the
world. I think I know a world class athlete when I see one.
Consequently, I can tell unequivocally that James Hollywood
Henderson is one of the greatest all around athletes I ever meet in
my life. The guy could play just about any sport at an elite, baseball, basketball, wrestling, powerlifting,
Olympic lifting, tennis, golf, even volleyball. It was like he
possessed general motor ability. Believe it or not he would peddle
around town on a unicycle. He was just totally gifted as an athlete.
I was James's strength coach when he played football at Albany
State University.  I'm not exaggerating when I tell you the guy was
absolutely awesome. At 6'5', 347 pounds he could run like the wind.
He wasn't just fast either he was lighting quick. Like a big cat.
And boy could he hit. You talk about pure brut strength...there was
no one like him. I'm telling you if he hit you on the top of your
head you would be eating through your fly for a month.

It wasn't just his physical size though that made him great. He had
a real nasty attitude when it came to football. I mean that in a
positive way.  He was an emotional predator whose attitude
suggested carnage and savage brutality on the field. He looked and
acted as if he owned the world and was about to remove the entire
population from the premises. He had a presence that suggested he
belong any where he wanted to belong, even if it was in somebody
else's living room, with their girlfriend. The impression he gave
was this is my world I'm just letting you reside in it for the time
being. That's ATTITUDE!

More importantly though he was totally committed to excellence. I
don't know of anyone who worked harder or who was more committed to
a single purpose then James. He demanded maximum effort from
himself and his teammates. When you went up against James it was to
the death...he would never quit...never give up. He had a will that
would bend tempered steel. And everyone who played against him knew
it. His persistence and tenacity literally struck terror in the
hearts of his opponents.

He would have been a sure fire number one draft choose if he hadn't
ripped his knee totally out in his freshman year at state.
Honestly, if James had good knees today he would give Pad nic
everything he wanted in the world Strongest Man Competition. In my
opinion James would handle him pretty easy because James was not
only powerful he was quick, agile and he had tremendous
cardiovascular fitness for a man who weighs in excess of 400

Of course, James does not have good knees so he had to settle for
being the greatest super heavyweight bench presser of all time.
That is my opinion too and I am sticking by it. He was the first
man to bench press 700 pounds totally raw and he did it with
perfect form under the scrutiny of three international officials.
For six years he totally dominated the superheavyweight division in
the bench press winning five world titles and setting more than 20
world bench press records. During his entire career he lifted
completely raw. If he used a shirt he probably could have bench
press a small apartment complex. Interestingly, most of the alleged
super benchers in his weight class avoided going head to head
against James. I will tell you why...none of them could beat him.
He literally quit competing in his prime while still on top. Of
course, my question to him was why? His answer was rather
remarkable and inspiring. "I actually, never retired from
powerlifting." He said, "I just took my lifting in a different
direction. I started a ministry to help bring people to Christ. I
found that I could use my lifting within my ministry to encourage
people to use their POWER OF CHOICE. This added significant value
to my lifting. I was not just lifting for metals and trophies. I
was now seeing lives changed.

"In one year" he continued, "I lifted 700lbs forty six different
times as an illustration of Christ lifting the weight of sin
,Thousands of people came to the alter it was amazing and
gratifying. This took my lifting to another level and importance.
God has used my speaking and lifting in some of the largest
churches, prisons, juvenile homes and corporate America. High
school, college and professional athletes have all been apart of my
audiences. I have discovered that being a man of God, the first man
in history to lift over 700lbs without the aid of drugs or special
equipment and being a five time world champion can give a person a
solid foundation to speak from. So, you see powerlifting is
something that I could never retire from because it is way of life
for me. "

 Eventually he joined the Power Team. While on the Power Team
he was a leading character on a television show called the power
connection, that aired for six years on TBN. He even made a quest
appearance on Texas Walker Ranger with Chuck Norris. Today he has a
weekly radio program on AM WMCU 1080 called "More Than Just
Winning". He currently travels about 40 weeks out of a year
encouraging people to use their POWER OF CHOICE!!
One thing is for sure he has not lost any confidence since his
departure from competitive lifting. "If you or any one else would
ask me how much I can you lift now? I would say whatever it takes to win.

That's right I could still win if I have too."

- Dr. Judd

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