Medical Advisory Council

Protect the Pug's first Medical Advisory Board Chapter was founded at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.  This MAB includes teaching Physicians and a Medical Student Advisory Board which includes the medical students which support this cause.  This board is listed here on our University Directory Page.  Members can be accessed by their name and optional photo, which can also be linked to their Facebook page.  

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Medical Advisory Council Chapter at Charles University


(In alphabetical order)


prof. Vladimir Beneš, MD, DrSc. Neurosurgery

Mgr. Ondřej Bezdíček, Ph.D: NeuroPsychology

prof. Pavel Dundr, MD, Ph.D: Pathology

Petr Dušek, MD, PH.D: neurology


Eva Kudlová, MD, CSc: Pediatrics & hygiene

Eduard Kuriščák, MD, Ph.D: NeuroPhysiology

DOC. Radoslav Matěj, MD, PH.D: NeuroPathology

MGR. Tomas Nikolai, PH.D: NeuroPsychologydoc.

doc. Jaroslav Plas, MD, ING: Neurosurgery

prof. Evžen Růžička, MD, DrSc: Neurology

Tomas Uher, MD, PH.D: Neurology

doc. Zdeněk Vilikus, MD, PH.D,CSC: Sports Medicine


 Czech Language Council Chapter at Charles University


PhDr. Stanislav CITA, CSc.

PhDr. Šárka Blažková Sršňová, Ph.D.


The Czech Legal Advisory Council  

JUDr. Lukáš Haase, Attorney At Law

English Parallel Medical Student Advisory Council Chapter at Charles University


Click here for Full Directory & Accomplishments.

Craig Smith

Administrative Vice President
Marios Ghobrial

VP of Project Management
Sam Marston

VP of Events
Egemen Eryasar

VP of Communications/Outreach
Syed Haider Jafri

Executive Secretary
Anna Komarova

Head Translator
Michael Pisinger

VP Fundraising
Mohamed Hussein


Executive Team Members
Paula Sund

Emelie Anna Havasi

Lee Azolai

Qasid Bhatti

Trisha Dhabalia

Ranjani Ganapathy Subramanian

Hubert Sum

Daniel Hricisak

Rudari Michele

Barbora Kubicova

Jan Koktavy

Gabriella Hogerova

Patricia Stefanova

Monika Bartova

Adela Spurna


Click here for Full Directory & Accomplishments.

 Alumni Medical Advisory Council Chapter at Charles University

 Jiri Vrba, Md

Jan Hadac, MD

Ivan Struk, MD



Join the Medical Advisory Council!

If your University does not currently have a presence on our website, please submit its name and also anyone who wishes to be listed either as a professor or a student member.  If you are a member of a chapter at a University, but know other doctors or medical students from another University please refer them to join by filling out the information below.  

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Please include some information about yourself: (1) If you are a medical student or teaching physician, what school are you affiliated with? (2) What interests you about joining the Medical Advisory Board? (3) How would you like to be involved?
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